Wedding Cake Guide

First of all Congratulations on your engagement, this must be a very exciting time for you both! For many couples planning a wedding -as exciting as it is- it is also a big learning curve, which is why I put together this guide to help clarify any cake questions you might have.

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When it comes to how much you need to budget for your wedding cake, it doesn’t need to be a big mystery. I have come up with a very handy price and size guide (at the bottom of the page), putting our most popular sizes into different price brackets depending on your design complexity. I have also included the amount of servings you would get out of each size combination.

Understanding the Guide

Cake Size: Depending on how large you want the slices to be, you will find two different number of servings under each cake: the Party Slice and our Finger Slice. Over the years I have found that the perfect cake size, is where the number of guests fits comfortably between the Party and Finger Slice range in our chart below.

For example, if you have 100 guests, then our 3-tiered cake serving 70 Party Slices or 130 Finger Slices, is what we'd usually recommend. Wedding guests are not immune to that cheeky second slice, and our couples have told us time and again, that the cake was eaten to the last crumb!

BONUS: To guarantee your cake will serve the amount promised, we will provide your venue/caterers with our fabulous cake cutting guide. We also provide your venue (upon your request) with the newlyweds box, where two slices of cake from each tier can be enjoyed by the happy couple after the wedding, or on the following morning.

Price Bands: Our guide will give you an idea of our overall pricing so you could budget accordingly. During our consultation, I will design 3 different styles of cakes for you based on your colours/brief, each from a different price band, to show you the difference in relation to your preferred style(s), giving you the opportunity to visualise and choose the design that is made for you. Don’t worry if you do not have your chosen colours or brief in mind at the time of our consultation, we’ll work together on creative ideas, walking you through the Meadowsweet Cakes design process, which will include a review of online and offline materials during our consultation, to help inspire your dream design! If you have a set budget for the cake, or if your budget falls within a particular price band, I will endeavour to keep the designs offered within that band.

When to book your cake: This is another question that I get asked a lot. Every year couples are becoming more and more organised, booking in some cases two years ahead. My recommendation is that once you have booked your venue, it’s best to secure your date with us to make sure you don’t lose your date. I understand that you may want to wait until there is more certainly with your plans, so if you are unsure when to book, there’s no harm in getting in touch with me to find out if your potential dates are available.

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You can find out more about our wedding cake service here. I hope this information helps you on your wedding journey. I can’t wait to hear from you, and to see your dream cake design come together!