How far in advance should I book my wedding cake?

First of all Congratulations on your engagement, such exciting times! I would recommend that once you have set a date for your wedding, that you get in touch with your favourite cake designer to check their availability. We have people reserving their dates up to 18 months in advance!

What we tend to do is book you in with a retainer deposit so your date is reserved, then we arrange a consultation meeting once you have a better idea of the main elements of your wedding (venue styling, flowers, invitations…etc.) and discuss your wedding cake in detail.

How many tiers should I go for? How much cake do I need?

There are two elements to consider when deciding your wedding cake size: The aesthetics, and the number of servings. Aesthetically, we take lots of things into consideration including your personal preference, your venue size (a larger cake is recommended if your venue is grand with high ceilings for example), and other factors. The number of servings is completely bespoke, we have a trusted size chart that we use, and if more tiers are needed for your design we can always add false tiers (or we could provide boxes for the venue to pack the rest of the cakes for you, if you prefer having an all-real cake). Our most popular sizes in 2018 were 4 and 5 tiered cakes.

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