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Welcome to Meadowsweet cakes! I am Nina, an enthusiastic baker, cake designer and a mum of two. My husband and I started our small family business "Meadowsweet Cakes", and together we managed to build an excellent reputation within the wedding industry.

Nina Y K

After acquiring a university degree in Arts, I worked as a primary school teacher for several years. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching, but I knew that my passion really lies in a more artistic field. I always had the passion to create beautiful things, and I dreamed of having my own business for a long time before finally taking a step towards realising this dream. I started studying cake decoration and instantly fell in love with it, something about baking -and  helping people create memories- filled my heart with happiness! After three years of practising and building my skills, learning from some of the world's most renowned cake makers, I was finally ready to start a career in cake design.

Coming from an artistic family had a huge impact on my work. My parents work in interior design, which allowed me to develop a good eye for detail (They say I take after my mum, something that makes her happy and me proud! ). I was also very lucky to have the opportunity to get some training in my aunt’s bridal gown studio. I designed lace patterns and helped with sketching bridal dresses. I believe this is where I got the passion for everything wedding!

My husband and I started this business together, and it took a lot of passion and hard work to get to where we are now. In addition to my husband's support, I'm blessed with the encouragement of my two little boys, who absolutely adore everything I do - and despite being completely biased, they still manage to boost my confidence and keep me going.


Our Company..

 Meadowsweet Flower

Meadowsweet Flower

We put a lot of thought into naming our company. “Meadowsweet” is a wild herb that has a subtle sweet vanilla flavour - and what can be a better name for our company than something natural, sweet and subtle? We source the most natural ingredients we can get and we use free range/organic ingredients wherever possible. It's one of the things that we feel very strongly about.

Our philosophy is to provide high quality products, paying attention to the smallest of details, even if it means spending many extra hours working on a single cake, we know it's worth it in the end. We pride ourselves for always giving our customers more than they expect, and we have great feedback as a reward.

We run our business from our home studio based in the historic market town of Baldock, Hertfordshire. Our studio is less than an hour’s drive from London and about half an hour's drive from Cambridge. Baldock is an incredibly picturesque town, which has been -and still is- a brilliant inspiration for our designs.

Have any questions? We would love to hear from you and be part of celebrating your special occasion!